Lulu Essentials Premium Quality Loofah Multi - Color (6 Pack)

Lulu Essentials

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Lulu Essentials Loofahs

Enjoy a clean and refreshing shower or bathing experience with Lulu Essentials Loofahs.Whether you wash gently or enjoy scrubbing away dead skin, our shower poufs are designed to make showering quick and easy.

Bigger is Better

Lulu Loofahs are 60 grams, which is 50% larger than the average bath sponge, for better lathering and coverage. You will save money by using less soap and less water for quicker showers.


Double Knotted Core

We use 2 double strings to hold our loofahs together. This insures our loofahs last longer and hold their shape better.

Sexy Satin

We use a satin hanging ribbon because it dries faster than a regular hanging rope. This givesbacteria less of a chance to grow, discolor and smell. It is also bright green, making it easier to locate when you have soapy water in your eyes or when you're not wearing your glasses or contacts.


6 Large Luxurious Loofahs

Great value and well packed for safe storage. Only touched by your clean hands, unlike bulk loofahs found in drugstore bins.


Density Makes a Difference

Lulu Essentials Loofahs are perfect for when you're in the mood to scrub away a tough day. Lulu Essentials Loofahs are tightly woven together.  Feel free to scrub hard without worrying about your finger nails scratching your skin.


Beautiful Dual Tone

2 Blue & White, 2 Green & White, 2 Purple & White. Beautiful colors that will brighten up any day!

We recommend changing your Lulu Essentials Loofahs monthly.



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